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ND: RouteMatch to Add Another 39 Transit Systems

RouteMatch Software and the North Dakota Department of Transportation announced Feb. 5 that RouteMatch Software will be rolling out its intelligent transportation system to 39 transit systems.

By standardizing on RouteMatch's technologies, the North Dakota Department of Transportation will be able to help transit agencies improve operational efficiencies, supporting the region's growing ridership demand and coordination efforts.  

Transit systems in North Dakota will receive RouteMatch's core scheduling, dispatching, route optimization module and tablet mobile data devices for automated vehicle location. 

The city of Grand Forks has experienced savings of $85,000 annually by gaining greater visibility into data and refining American Disabilities Act (ADA) eligibility and verification for its contracted demand response services. In addition, tablet mobile data devices installed on its vehicles have helped reduce idle time, save on fuel costs, and maximize the use of vehicles. RouteMatch has enabled more streamlined billing and verification of trips by funding source, and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) reports can be more quickly and accurately run.

"We have had an over 30 percent spike in ridership over the past few years, and we want to concentrate on customer service and running efficient operations," said Dale Bergman, transit director of Grand Forks' Cities Area Transit (CAT), which runs 55,000 demand response and 329,000 fixed route trips annually.

Cities Area Transit was asked by the North Dakota Department of Transportation to be the pilot for a regional and statewide coordination project that would upgrade Cities Area Transit call center and website to provide "One-Call/One-Click" functionality, and equip rural transit providers in North Dakota with computer-assisted scheduling and dispatch software. After fully implementing the pilot project, the North Dakota Department of Transportation plans to implement the same model in other regional centers throughout the state.

While transit agencies gain benefits of moving from a manual system of running operations to technology and diversifying their range of technologies, the North Dakota Department of Transportation will use the technology for centralized data management and standardized reporting. Automated and more consistent documentation of transit agency information and streamlined processes will help the Department more closely follow FTA guidelines and reporting requirements.

"Our expectations are very high. We are seeking value across the whole state and in multiple areas," said Kim Adair, transit section program leader, North Dakota Department of Transportation. "Our primary goal is to equip all our providers with the tools they need to help them succeed. We chose RouteMatch after extensive due diligence and liked how flexible their technology is and their team of people. Customer service is a big priority for us. It means a lot when you have the follow up and follow through. We wanted to invest in technologies that could grow with us, and be with us not just for now, but also for the future."

The North Dakota Department of Transportation will also extend RouteMatch Software's platform for Transit Asset Management for preventative vehicle maintenance, as well as to manage the "One Call/ One Click Call Center," enabling providers to schedule information from start to finish with multiple transportation providers. With this approach, transit agencies can more effectively serve community health and human service providers, medical facilities and nursing homes that rely on public transportation for their clients.

"We're very excited that North Dakota is using our technology across so many different areas of operations and to further their long term vision for regional coordination and transit asset management," said Tim Quinn, executive vice president, RouteMatch Software. "Transit agencies are already seeing ROI and are deeply committed to helping North Dakota transit agencies and the North Dakota Department of Transportation succeed in reaching their goals and helping their communities."