First Transit

Houston Metro to Continue Relationship with First Transit

First Transit was recently retained by the Houston Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro) to continue operating and managing a portion of its fixed-route service. With this extension, the company will continue overseeing 450 employees and operating 200 vehicles throughout the city. Currently, each weekday more than 37,000 riders utilize the portion of Metro’s fixed-route service operated by First Transit.

“We are pleased to continue our partnership with Houston Metro,” said Beverly Edwards, senior vice president of the central region, First Transit. “Our primary goal has been and still is to provide Metro riders with a safe and reliable transit service, connecting them to major areas throughout the city. We value the transit authority’s trust in our service and look forward to continuing to be a part of the city.”

The contract will be for five years with two one-year options, and takes effect Feb. 1.

First Transit provides complete operations and transit management services, as well as comprehensive preventative maintenance and inspection programs to meet customer transportation and budgetary needs.