CHK America

D.C.: Metro Releases CHK America Designed System Maps

CHK America President and CEO, Rick Wood announced Jan. 28 that the company has completed the redesign of Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s system wide public transit maps. The system maps have been released by Metro and are now in circulation with the transit riding public.

CHK America developed the system maps using a combined frequency approach that included designing individual regional network maps for the District of Columbia, the Maryland counties of Montgomery and Prince George’s, and Virginia. These regional maps identify the high frequency corridors used by hundreds of thousands of daily commuters and travelers. A tool included with each map is a summary frequency table, which provides customers an overview of all bus services available in that region.

Lastly, a combined framework map is located on the reverse of each regional map to highlight how the regional services work together to provide high frequency service throughout the entire operating area.

“Developing system maps of this magnitude, crossing two states and the District of Columbia was an immensely challenging project. Metro’s service area and network complexity presented a number of unique variables,” Wood said. “Our wayfinding and design experts are the best in the business when it comes to translating complex transit information into consumer-friendly and easy to use information.”