Regional Transportation Authority - Chicago

IL: Commuter Challenge Off to Great Start

The Regional Transportation Authority and the Active Transportation Alliance issued a challenge to northeastern Illinois commuters last month and nearly 700 commuters and more than 30 companies rose to the challenge.

The contest, aimed at reducing single car occupancy and increasing healthier modes of travel such as transit and biking, challenged commuters to track their travel to see how they can reduce pollution, lead a healthier lifestyle and consider leaving their cars at home regularly. At least 681 individual commuters and 35 companies collectively logged more than 6,800 trips, saving 4,000 gallons of gas. That’s a $21,000 savings for the month of December.

Each participant played their role in protecting the environment by preventing more than 40 tons of carbon dioxide fumes from being emitted into the air.

“We’re very excited about how this contest has engaged our regular transit riders and encouraged other commuters to leave their cars at home and opt for another form of transportation,” said Joe Costello, RTA executive director. “This contest has proven to be not just beneficial to the health of all of our riders but to our environment and further supports the need for us to invest in our transit system to ensure commuters continue to have a reliable mode of transportation.”

Thirty-five companies participated in the Challenge, TransitWorks, which ran from Dec. 1-7. Companies competed against other companies based on their size and category and the company with the highest percentage of employees logging the most eligible forms of commuting miles won. Walking, car and van pooling are all travel modes promoted as alternatives to driving alone in addition to transit and biking.

Each winning team received public recognition, a virtual winner’s certificate, and the satisfaction of being the healthiest and greenest workplace in northeastern Illinois.