Masabi US Ltd

Masabi Sells $1M of Rail mTickets in 7 weeks in Boston

Masabi US Ltd announced Thursday the company's JustRide end-to-end mTicketing system used by Boston's MBTA has processed more than $1 million in the first seven weeks of operation. More than 100,000 tickets have been sold and the platform now represents nearly 10 percent of ticket sales on the network.

The system is the first full smartphone commuter rail ticketing system in the U.S. allowing customers to use the MBTA iPhone and Android mTicket apps to purchase and then display rail tickets. Tickets are displayed on the phone's screen as an encrypted barcode and as a human readable ticket.

The app can be found by searching for 'MBTA mTicket' in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

"While early into the rollout, the app has exceeded expectations and the growth we are seeing is phenomenal," said MBTA Director of Innovation Joshua Robin. "We are revolutionizing how riders buy and use tickets on the commuter rail. Customers love the feeling of being able to purchase a ticket anywhere, anytime."

"We have been delighted by the response from the Boston public since the launch of the system," said Kevin Mansfield, JustRide product manager. "We are in active conversations with a number of other transit agencies worldwide and are excited to be bringing our deployment proven technology to further markets in the near future."

Masabi's JustRide system allows transit agencies to rapidly roll-out a deployment-proven comprehensive mTicketing solution including: consumer-facing applications, management console, backend servers, payment integration and scanning/validation software for conductors. It can be deployed in a matter of months, benefitting from a flexible cloud based-architecture and Masabi's proven track record in delivering mobile ticketing systems for major transport brands.