George Mason University School of Public Policy

Cameron Rian Hays Transportation Innovation Conference to Support Innovative Solutions - Call for Papers

The Cameron Rian Hays Transportation Innovation Conference will be held at George Mason University in Arlington, Va., in May/June of 2013. The Conference seeks to support innovative  solutions to challenges in transportation. The conference coincides with the Cameron Rian Hays Competition and serves as a platform for spotlighting transportation innovation, particularly as developed by students and young professionals. Attention will be paid to creative thinking about the real-world challenges of designing and building more effective transportation solutions.

Examples of significant transportation challenges include:
* Funding for transportation facility and services
* Fostering public/private sector collaboration
* Developing creative new transportation modalities
* Encouraging multimodal solutions
* Reducing community and environmental impacts of transportation facilities and services
* Enhancing quality of life through access to jobs, medical care, housing, recreation, etc
* Expanding opportunities for disadvantaged populations
* Tackling challenges arising from demographic changes and generational shifts

The George Mason University School of Public Policy is located in Arlington, Virginia, and minutes away from the nation's capital. The Cameron Rian Hays Conference will serve as the ideal platform for discussing innovative transportation topics to a host of young professionals and leaders in the transportation community. The event will include presentations as well as an award ceremony for the competition winner(s) and runners-up.

Deadline for submissions for both the award competition and the conference: February 15, 2013. Projects and proposals should be submitted electronically to Jenny Henderson at

Criteria for acceptance and competition:

Submissions do not need to be completed activities, research, or professional projects as idea proposals are acceptable entries. Submissions must not be more than 2,000 words and contain no more than five images, diagrams, maps or renderings. The submission may be that of an individual or a group project.

The award carries a cash grant of $10,000 for first place, $5,000 for second place and $2,500 for third place papers. Winner(s), runners-up, and accepted papers, at the discretion of the blue-ribbon jury and the competition committee, will be invited to the conference.

This competition and conference, a memorial tribute, has been made possible through the generosity of the family of Cameron Rian Hays, an “outside the box” thinking 2011 Master’s graduate of the George Mason University School of Public Policy.