HDR Taps Vozzolo to Lead Streetcar Program; Names Three Regional Directors

David Vozzolo has been appointed director of HDR’s streetcar practice. He previously served as interim director while Charlie Hales campaigned for the mayoral seat in Portland, Ore. As mayor-elect, Hales resigned from HDR to return to government service. He was instrumental in growing HDR’s streetcar practice and transit program.

Vozzolo has more than 33 years of experience in transit management in the public and private sectors. He is principal-in-charge of the Kansas City Streetcar project, previously served as program director for the Washington, D.C., Streetcar Program and continues serving in major roles on HDR-supported streetcar projects throughout the U.S. Prior to joining HDR in 2006, Vozzolo was the Federal Transit Administration’s deputy associate administrator for the Office of Planning and Environment. He is currently vice chair of the American Public Transportation Association Policy and Planning Committee.

Vozzolo will be assisted by three experienced regional directors: Steve Carroll, Eastern region; Lucas Olson, P.E., Central region; and James Hecht, P.E., Western region. Carroll is currently leading HDR program management for the 37-mile Washington, D.C., Streetcar Program, with two segments under construction. Olson is HDR’s design manager for the Dallas Streetcar Design-Build Project and the recently awarded Kansas City Downtown Streetcar. Hecht is HDR’s project manager for the Los Angeles Downtown Streetcar project and project engineer for the Sacramento Downtown/Riverfront Streetcar project.

Key HDR-supported streetcar projects that are currently in design and construction include Tucson, Cincinnati, Salt Lake City, Washington, D.C., Dallas, and New Orleans. HDR was recently selected in Kansas City and Milwaukee.

"Dave and his team’s extensive streetcar experience will strengthen our practice and I look forward to working with them," said Steve Beard, HDR’s transit market sector director.