GIRO to Provide Software for Rail Project in Denver

Denver Transit Operators (DTO) awarded GIRO a contract to provide HASTUS software modules that will address timetabling, rolling stock management and crew management aspects of its rail operations. The software will enable DTO to perform long-term planning, scheduling, and short term planning and operations for the three new rail lines currently being built in Denver, Colo.

The contract was awarded following a formal selection process. 

“DTO is delighted to have HASTUS added to our tool set for the project. DTO’s staff has worked with HASTUS in the past and has found it so helpful in scheduling and managing service and manpower. We know we can rely on the support of the GIRO team,” says Anne Herzenberg, general manager at DTO.

“This agreement confirms, once again, that our railway solution is complete and that HASTUS meets the requirements of a powerful and flexible tool that is specially adapted to the reality of rail operations. We are excited to be working with DTO on this important project,” states Éric Lebel, GIRO’s director, Public Transit Software. “DTO will benefit directly from GIRO’s extensive development work that we have undertaken in recent years to meet the railway industry’s needs.”