CHK America

City of Porterville Awards Multi-Phase Customer Information Transit Project to CHK America

CHK America President and CEO Rick Wood announced that the company has been awarded a multi-phase design project for the city of Porterville’s public transit system. The project elements include the development of a bilingual system map and corresponding transit brochure, along with transit signage to be displayed at the city’s Transit Center and all 145 bus stops.

The project will immediately begin with the design of a customer-focused system map. CHK
America will apply its proprietary standards to ensure that the route and schedule information is easy to use for all of the city of Porterville’s 500,000+ annual passengers.

“The city is pleased to have selected CHK America to help achieve our goal of communicating
consistent transit information to our riders at the Transit Center, park-n-ride, and bus stops. The city is excited to have CHK implement their 8 Second Rule and to design a high-quality 'graphic brand' that will bring a much needed identity and cohesiveness to our system.” said Richard Tree, transit manager.

“By selecting CHK America, the city of Porterville took a significant step toward enhancing their
transit customer information,” stated CHK America President and CEO Rick Wood. “The city
understands how important it is to provide a complete system of wayfinding information to help
guide the customer through their entire trip and we are excited about implementing that system.”

Upon completion of the system map and transit brochure, CHK America will begin the next phase of the customer information design project by developing stop signage for the city’s Transit Center, as well as all 145 of its bus stops. This critical, street-level transit information will include diagrammatic route maps and frequency timetables to help customers glean necessary information within the valuable first "8 Seconds" of capturing their attention.