City of Los Angeles Awards Transportation Contract to Veolia Transportation

By a unanimous vote, the city council, of the city of Los Angeles awarded a five-year contract to Veolia Transportation to operate fixed-route service. This is a renewal of a contract operated by Veolia and its predecessor company for more than 10 years. Known as DASH Downtown and DASH Mid City, the service is frequent, scheduled fixed-route service operating in downtown LA and in neighborhoods adjacent to downtown.

The new contract goes into effect on November 1, 2012, and includes operation of the city’s 130 vehicles in the fixed route fleet. Veolia employs 280 employees to deliver quality service safely and efficiently.

Veolia Regional Vice President for Southern California Duane Eskierka said he is proud that the LA City Council supports the contract with Veolia Transportation. “We are pleased that the council voted unanimously to continue to give us the opportunity to provide service to the people of Los Angeles. On behalf of all of us Veolia, it is an honor that the city of LA continues to have confidence in us, this is a testament to the quality of service our employees produce each and every day.”

Veolia currently provides this service through operations at two facilities. The new contract will combine both services into a single contract and will be operated from one new facility.