Greater Dayton RTA

Greater Dayton RTA Donaghy Elected President of American Bus Benchmarking Group

Greater Dayton RTA Executive Director Mark Donaghy has been elected president of the American Bus Benchmarking Group (ABBG). Transit systems in thirteen U.S. cities came together in August, 2011 to form the group, which is committed to sharing key performance indicator information with peer agencies in an effort to improve efficiency and productivity.

“I am honored to lead this wonderful group of transit systems, knowing our combined efforts will improve transit in each of our communities,” Donaghy said.

ABBG is modeled after two international benchmarking groups, CoMet and IBBG, representing rail and bus operating arms in the world's largest cities. Representatives from the Imperial College of London collect data in six functional areas including safety, customer service, financial, and productivity. The ABBG group has also established an electronic bulletin board to post questions, share best practices and news about member systems.

“There are no perfect organizations. We all perform well in certain functions and have room for improvement in others. By sharing key performance indicator data, we confirm positive achievement and identify areas where we can improve,” Donaghy said. “This open approach also immediately identifies organizations with practices that can be implemented on our home systems to increase efficiency and productivity."

ABBG member communities include Rochester, N.Y.; Providence, R.I.; St. Petersburg, Fla.; Des Moines, Iowa; Cleveland, Ohio; Vancouver, Wash.; Eugene, Ore.; San Bernardino, Calif.; Salt Lake City, Utah; Austin, Texas; Stockton, Calif.; Ft. Worth, Texas; and RTA in Dayton.

Donaghy is also a board member of the American Public Transportation Association, president of the Ohio Public Transit Association and serves on numerous local boards including the Downtown Dayton Partnership, Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission, the University of Dayton School of Business Center for the Integration of Faith and Work and the Dayton Montgomery County CVB.