Boltaron 4800 for Thermoformed Mass Transit Interiors

Boltaron 4800, a fire-retardant sheet for thermoforming and fabricating of rail and other mass transit interior components, combines impact strength, abrasion resistance, rigidity and chemical resistance, according to Adam Mellen, director.

The sheet is a PVC/acrylic alloy that meets ASTM E-162 and ASTM E-662 requirements for flammability and low-smoke emissions, and FTA, UMTA and MVSS Docket 90A guidelines.

It is said to maintain uniform wall thickness when thermoformed, and can be brake formed, machined, bonded and mechanically fastened without cracking, and can be cleaned of grime and graffiti using strong chemicals with no fading.

Suggested applications include seatbacks, dashboards, partitions, ceiling panels, tray tables, storage compartments, lavatory parts and other mass transit vehicle interior components.

Boltaron 4800 is available in unlimited colors and seven textures in gauges from .040 to .250 in. (1.02 to 6.35 mm), widths to 60 in. (1524 mm) and lengths to 120 in. (3048 mm).