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IL: RTA's Goroo Now Available on Smartphones

Transit riders can now access regionally integrated, multi-modal transportation information “on the go” with their smart phones. The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) released a new goroo Web app as part of the agency’s overall effort to enhance the customer experience and increase transit ridership.

The Web app can be accessed by logging on to from the browser of any Web-enabled smart phone, including devices powered by Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone software.

The Web app includes the same great features that travelers in the region have been enjoying on the goroo desktop site, such as:

• Trip directions using transit, driving, walking, biking or any combination of these transportation options. The directions include a weather forecast for the travel day, as well as cost savings and air quality benefits of choosing transit.

• Real-time estimates of when a CTA train, CTA bus, or Metra train is arriving at a stop. This capability involves the integration with the CTA’s TrainTracker and BusTracker systems, and Metra’s Rail-Time Tracker system.

• Scheduled information of when a Pace bus is arriving at a stop. The RTA and Pace expect to provide real-time estimates in the very near future.

• Full schedules for all CTA, Metra, and Pace routes in the region.

• Stop-to-stop schedules for only the origin and destination stops for any CTA, Metra or Pace routes.

• Real-time travel alerts on transit and highway conditions such as delays and incidents, construction detours, bus reroutes, and station elevator outages.

• Information on major destinations and attractions in the region.

Last year, goroo provided more than 13 million schedules and itineraries to commuters traveling within the region.

“The goroo Web app is a significant component of the RTA’s overall plan to provide real-time information that tells riders how to get around the region using CTA, Metra and Pace services. It is a major step in developing a regional Transit Tracker and Dynamic Trip Planner that uses real-time information for planning trips in the region. When the Transit Tracker and Dynamic Trip Planner is built, the RTA will be the first system in the world to have it and our customers will be the first in the world to have such tools,” says RTA Chairman John S. Gates.

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