Flypaper Studio Inc.

Flypaper Studio Introduces Flypaper Connect to Deliver Real-Time Digital Signage Updates

Flypaper Studio Inc. announces the release of Flypaper Connect, a family of bundled tools used to create real-time data-based content for Flypaper digital signage programs. Flypaper Connect empowers users to easily maintain and update data-driven digital content using existing data sources.

Flypaper Connect drives data to digital signage display screens while creating a two-way bridge between Flypaper software and cloud-based servers and databases. This technology allows endless opportunities for increased personalization, customization and interactivity for digital signage display screens and kiosks. Flypaper Connect delivers real time content from web services and proprietary databases to digital display screens based on user preferences, interactions and more.

“Flypaper Connect instantly turns any data source into a potential driver for data-driven Flypaper content,” said Don Pierson, founder and president of Flypaper. “With this technology, users can affordably customize data based on their unique situations — the opportunities are limitless.”

Flypaper Connect, located in the Flybrary section of Flypaper software, includes:

  • Flypaper Connect for Google Docs: Send data directly from a Google Docs spreadsheet to a digital display
  • Flypaper Connect for CSV (Comma Separated Values): Connect to a CSV file to make your data available to other components
  • Flypaper Connect Advanced Data Grid: Easily retrieve and display your information in a simple grid