Telvent Presents its Integrated Global IT Solutions for Smart Cities in Malaga

Telvent GIT, S.A. is presenting at the three-day Greencities & Sustainability Summit held in Malaga (Spain) its global IT solutions for smart cities. The smart city offering, developed together with Schneider Electric, the global leader in energy management, provides cities with access to an integrated suite of solutions to improve the efficiency and sustainability of urban infrastructures, leading to more livable cities.

Cities today cover 2 percent of the earth’s surface, contain 50 percent of the world’s population, consume 75 percent of global energy and give off 80 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. And cities are growing.

“To retain or regain their attractiveness and competitiveness, manage their growth in a controlled way and provide better public services to the citizens, cities need to become smarter: more efficient, more sustainable, and more livable”, stated Telvent Chairman and CEO Ignacio Gonzalez. “At Telvent and Schneider Electric, we help cities around the world such as Malaga meet these and future challenges through our IT solutions.”

In the city of Malaga, Telvent is developing a smart street lighting management system aimed at lowering CO2 emissions, expenditure on electricity and maintenance costs, and creating an inventory system to facilitate lighting management. Street and outdoor lighting systems are a significant source of electrical power consumption (representing 50 to 60 percent of the electrical power used by city councils). This tele-management tool will help identify potential lighting malfunctions, lower lighting intensity levels during off-peak hours and make sure that lighting systems are properly switched on and off. The solution will also be integrated into a demand control system in order to ensure electrical power grid stability and sustainability. These types of advancements and integrations are what enable cities to become more efficient, sustainable and livable environments as the product of technology.

The SmartCity Strategy

Telvent and Schneider Electric together provide integrated solutions combining state-of-the-art hardware, software and services in all key areas of a smart city: mobility, energy, water, public services, buildings and homes.

SmartCity is a unique offering that combines Schneider Electric and Telvent’s solutions for managing critical infrastructure, including:

• Smart Grid

As much as 15 percent of power can be lost in transmission due to inefficiencies in local power grids. The Smart Grid solutions help cities to manage growing demand for electricity and integrate renewable energy sources while improving customer service through improved network efficiency and reduced energy consumption and emissions.

• Smart Mobility

Each year, drivers in cities around the world waste billions of gallons of fuel sitting in traffic. Smart Mobility offer improves resident mobility by providing cities with better information and improved interoperability as well as integration of electric vehicles. Solutions offer better management of multi-modal transit networks and fewer disruptions to service. Cities will also experience reduced traffic congestion, increased public transit use and lower emissions by providing residents with easier travel across modes of transport.

• Smart Water

Up to 35 percent of water is lost due to leaks and inefficient distribution networks, yet worldwide more than 1 billion people face water shortages. Smart Water solutions provide tools to help cities manage water networks more efficiently and offer them greater resiliency against hazards. Cities will benefit from reduced water losses and outages and improved customer service.

• Smart Public Services

The demands on city services are increasing, and Smart Public Services helps cities to efficiently manage public safety, street lighting, healthcare and government administration. Cities will experience improved information-sharing between agencies, fewer disruptions to public services and increased control over city systems. Improved public services lead to higher quality of life for citizens, increasing the attractiveness of the city for jobs and talent.

• Smart Buildings and Homes

In Europe, nearly €300 billion in energy costs are lost each year due to inefficient buildings. Smart Buildings and Homes tools, including energy and environmental monitoring and visualization, help cities optimize resource consumption for office buildings, datacenters, industrial facilities, hospitals, universities and residential homes, resulting in reduced emissions and energy consumption and improved resident engagement. Our solutions connect buildings to the electric network and to each other, enabling the smart grid.

ABI Research, a market intelligence company specializing in global technology markets, selected Telvent as one of the companies with the best positions on the smart city industry in the world, together with three other international companies, thanks to the holistic approach of its smart city strategy.

The report predicts that companies embracing multiple aspects in their smart city strategies, like Telvent and Schneider Electric, will be best positioned to compete to develop advanced systems that better control, monitor, and manage traffic flows in emerging megacities, one of the main challenges for public authorities today.