Delaware Transit Corp. (DART)

DE: DART First State Provides 20 Buses to NJ Transit to Assist in Shuttling Efforts

Lauren Skiver, chief executive officer of Delaware Transit Corp. (DART), announced that an offer to lend 20 buses to NJ Transit for shuttling efforts has been accepted. The bus “train” will leave DART’s Beech Street Facility in Wilmington at 12:00 noon, November 5, to a NJ Transit garage in North Bergen, NJ.

The buses used in DART’s Resort Transit service, which ended on September 16, will be on loan to NJ Transit to assist in their shuttle service to substitute for inoperative rail lines as a result of Superstorm Sandy.

DART will deploy 20 of its employees, all of whom have a Commercial Driver License (CDL), to caravan the buses to north Jersey. The employees come from various positions within DART, including the chief operating officer, maintenance, supervisors and operators.

"We’re fortunate that Delaware didn’t get the brunt of the storm and we’re happy to help our neighbors and fellow transit agency," said Skiver. "It’s what we do."