Flypaper Studio Inc.

Flypaper Express Digital Signage Software Trial Included in New Philips Q Series Display

Flypaper Studio Inc. announces the inclusion of a free 30-day trial of Flypaper Express digital signage software in the new Philips Q Series display. The Philips Q Series is a simple all-in-one digital signage solution, enabling anyone to play back engaging digital signage content using a USB drive. Customers can use the trial of Flypaper Express to easily create professional-quality digital signage content quickly.

Customers that purchase a 32", 42" or 46" Philips Q Series Edge-lit LED display will receive instant access to a 30-day trial of Flypaper Express. Content created using Flypaper Express can be easily transferred to the Philips Q Series digital display by exporting it to a simple USB. Once content is transferred to the USB drive, users simply plug the USB into the Philips Q Series for an easy and complete digital signage solution.

“Flypaper Express turns PowerPoint into a digital signage content creation engine,” said Don Pierson, founder and president of Flypaper. “As a simple PowerPoint plug-in, Flypaper Express enables anyone to design eye-catching content for any audience, without learning a new system. Paired with the Philips Q Series, this is truly an all-in-one solution.”

As a PowerPoint plug-in, Flypaper Express empowers anyone to develop high quality digital signage content without requiring programming skills. Philips Q Series users can take advantage of new themed templates to kick-start digital signage projects for industries including hospitality, healthcare, education, retail and more.

“Flypaper Express is a powerful content creation tool, yet the software is easy to use,“ said Craig Rathbun, managing director of MMD North America, exclusive licensee for Philips Commercial Signage. “The Philips Q Series display combined with Flypaper Express makes it easy for all users to efficiently and affordably create, manage and maintain full-fledged digital signage applications.”

The Philips Q Series, including the free trial of Flypaper Express, is now available in the United States and Canada.