U.S. Architectural & Sun Valley Lighting

New Versalux LED Fixture Offers Multiple Mounting Options, Wide Range of Lumen Packages

U.S. Architectural Lighting announces the availability of the Versalux LED, a new luminaire for streetscapes, walkways, plazas, commercial and transit centers, and other public areas.

Designed for versatility, Versalux LED has a wide range of mounting options, including arm, post top, canopy and wall mount.

Versalux LED features the company's exclusive VLED Optical Module, a system that offers modular interchangeability to meet all design criteria. The modules are available in 64-, 80- and 120-LED packages with wattages from 70W to 202W and lumen output from 4,200 to 13,750.

VLED optics are available in Type II, III, IV and V-Sq to meet the site requirements. Both full range and switch-controlled hi/lo dimming options are available.

Thermal control for canopy mounting is achieved through the Versalux LED's unique housing design featuring slotted vents that create convection currents to lower the fixture's internal temperature thereby increasing the life and lumen output of the LEDs.

The fixture's heavy-walled unitized aluminum housing provides lasting performance even in the harshest environment. The electrostatically-applied polyester powder coat finish is baked at 400 F for maximum hardness and durability.

Standard textured finishes include black, white, grey, dark bronze and green. Custom colors are also available.