Bitimec International Inc.

Amtrak St. Louis Orders Mobile Bitimec Train Wash

Bitimec installs its first mobile train washing system specifically designed for the North American Market. It is called the Bitimec SEP900ASL (In honor of Amtrak Saint Louis), and is a double-brush system to better wash the contours of railcars.

New for 2012 is the special water recovery system, which was designed with a ‘tank-within-a-tank’ feature that allows the machine to start each wash cycle with a full 1,000 Liters of clean water and maximum autonomy. An inflatable tank is installed inside the main water tank. As the clean water is used, a special basin catches the run-off and pumps the dirty water back into the inflatable tank. A large portion of the used water and detergent are thereby recovered for proper disposal.