Safety Vision

Safety Vision LLC Announces Multi-Million Dollar Contract Award from the City and County of Honolulu for TheBus

Safety Vision has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract to install onboard surveillance camera systems on 302 buses for the city and county of Honolulu. Providing fixed-route public transportation throughout the city and county of Honolulu, which encompasses the entire island of Oahu, TheBus serves 73.4 million riders annually.

Utilizing Safety Vision’s  mobile technology, the city and county of Honolulu received the complete transit security solution with Safety Vision’s patent-pending SafeStor technology. The SafeStor design in the NVR combines the durable reliability of a solid-state drive with the extended storage capacity of a rotating drive.

Safety Vision pioneered SafeStor to record to the SSD drive while the vehicle is in motion, thereby eliminating a common point of failure in many mobile recording devices; writing to spinning storage media as a vehicle encounters instances where shock or vibration specs for storage media can be exceeded while in motion that lead to storage media corruption or early drive failure.

With SafeStor the spinning drive does not power up until the vehicle has the ignition turned off as well as two other measures that ensure the vehicle is not in motion. SafeStor then quickly copies the audio, video and metadata from the SSD to the spinning 2.5’ mobile-rated drive. Not only does this vastly increase the reliability of the system, it provides redundancy of evidence for critical situations.

The RoadRecorder 7000 NVR sports a third recording option, utilizing an optional SD card; the card allows end-user configuration settings to record either most recent video in a loop-over format, recording until needed, or recording of all latest events.

This high-end technology, paired with Safety Vision’s network video recording solution. comes complete with wireless video offload capabilities, automatic vehicle location, real-time remote viewing, and a client server software solution. Outfitted in each bus will be six to eight mobile-rated cameras and Safety Vision’s RoadRecorder7000 network video recorder (NVR).

The RoadRecorder 7000 records at 30 frames per second for each camera up to 12 in total, recording video, audio and system health data in H.264 format.

Safety Vision’s SafetyView viewing software and SafetyNet digital asset management system will supplement the RoadRecorder 7000 NVR by providing video management tools, including wireless video look-in from a remote vehicle; high speed AES encrypted wireless video offload; terabyte mobile-rated 2.5" hard drives supporting more than 30 days of storage across all cameras; automatic wireless download of triggered events; scheduled wireless downloads of requested untagged video; automatic health status updates; and video management and archival.

The contract’s term is for six years. Safety Vision is currently completing the first year’s installation of 58 buses; the second, third, fourth and fifth years will equip a total of 200 additional buses; and 44 buses will be equipped the sixth year, totaling 302 buses.

Safety Vision Account Executive Justin Lindbloom says, “We’ve provided TheBus with a software interface that’s user-friendly, feature-rich, innovative and essential for their transit fleet. The benefits of our solution are insurmountable: the mobile surveillance system will provide a sense of security for both passengers and drivers; reduce criminal or other threatening behavior, vandalism and theft; reduce liability-type complaints and other similar risk management issues; increase technological capabilities over time to meet new needs; utilize project management that will enable TheBus to actively monitor project tasks; and deliver detailed training, including technical documentation, user guides, and technical and warranty support for the duration of the multiyear project. Our goal is to simplify the progression of technology for TheBus and provide a feature-rich solution that is end-user friendly.”