Vanasse Hangen Brustlin Inc. (VHB)

VHB Becomes Charter Member of Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure

VHB announces that it has become a charter member of the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI). ISI is a joint initiative of the American Public Works Association (APWA),the American Council of Engineering Companies ( ACEC), and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) to promote a standard in how new horizontal infrastructure is designed and built. By joining the Institute, VHB is further enhancing its efforts to incorporate sustainability into the delivery of services to its clients and into day-to-day operations.

Charter membership in ISI is a natural course for VHB with its foundation of infrastructure work and commitment to sustainability. Through this membership, VHB continues to elevate its leadership on sustainability. The firm has appointed several staff members to serve on ISI Technical Committees and will help drive the update and uptake of the emerging Envision Rating System.

VHB’s Diane Linderman, P.E., office manager for VHB’s Richmond, Va., office, is living the legacy as ISI becomes part of the industry. As president of APWA, Linderman helped bring ISI to life and will continue to shape its maturing influence on VHB’s business as the firm’s primary ISI liaison.

“Improving our infrastructure is a top priority for our municipal clients and having a tool to help guide decisions by applying sustainable concepts is so important. I am excited about the opportunity for VHB to help drive the continued development of the Envision  rating tool,” said Linderman.

Kim Lundgren, VHB’s director of Sustainability, sits on the APWA Center for Sustainability board as well as on the ISI Energy & Emissions Technical Committee responsible for updating the Envision Rating System.

“As a generational company, VHB is sustainable at its core. We have been working for the last seven years to incorporate sustainability into our own operations, and we are thrilled to take our experience to our clients to help them meet their sustainability goals,” noted Lundgren.