Metropolitan Transportation Authority (NY MTA)

Boingo and Google Play Join MTA and Transit Wireless to Continue Free Wi-Fi in Six Subway Stations

With sponsorship by Google Play, Boingo continues to provide free WiFi for all users in six subway stations in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood.

The free WiFi, which has been popular among straphangers, is part of a program by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Transit Wireless to provide wireless service in 270 underground subway stations.  Six stations in Chelsea have the service, with another 30 stations, including Times Square, Rockefeller Center and Columbus Circle, coming online this year.

Wireless services ultimately will be available to 1.6 billion annual riders at more than 270 underground stations throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Queens.

Boingo, which operates thousands of sponsored free Wi-Fi hotzones throughout the nation, is committed to expanding service in New York City subways.  The subway system would become New York City's largest Wi-Fi hotzone and each underground station will serve as a digital oasis where riders can find reliable, easy-to-use Internet access.