Telvent Wins Smart Mobility Management Contract in Castellón de la Plana


Telvent GIT, S.A., a leading real-time IT solutions and information provider for a sustainable world, announced today that it has signed a contract with the City Council of Castellón de la Plana to provide urban mobility control center and traffic light installation maintenance service. As a component of this maintenance contract, Telvent will implement its integrated service management platform, Telvent SmartMobility ICM, the technological basis and first step in adopting the smart city concept.

The Telvent SmartMobility ICM platform will enable coordinated global management of all of the city's mobility-related aspects. The initial platform focus will concentrate on centralized monitoring of smart traffic infrastructures and traveler information panels, leaving the possibility open for local authorities to progressively introduce the city's other services associated with mobility, including public transportation and parking facilities.

The ICM platform will provide urban mobility control center operators with advanced management tools, improve communication among administrations, and facilitate coordinated management of events with an impact on mobility: road construction, incidents, and political, social or sports events. The platform also affords capabilities that include real-time supervision of traffic conditions, analysis of historical evolution, and short-term situation forecasting. All of this is achieved through intuitive graphic display tools (GIS or georeferential systems), which facilitate the decision-making process for mobility practitioners.

Envisaged as a component of this contract is the integration by Telvent into this ICM platform of an additional web platform to disseminate information to the public regarding mobility, municipal services and tourism. Through the Castellón de la Plana Web site, users will be able to calculate routes and travel times, check traffic conditions to determine optimal travel options, and find out about any existing road network incidents and their potential effects in terms of modifications to public transportation. Users will likewise be able to access information on points of tourist and cultural interest, significantly enhancing the experience for the city's visitors.

According to Ignacio González, chairman and CEO of Telvent: "We are delighted to contribute together with the City Council of Castellón de la Plana towards turning this city into a first-rate Smart City and providing its citizens with enhanced quality of life."

Finally, along with the ICM platform, Telvent will implement a system that enables users to know the time it takes a car to travel between two points. This "travel time" system is highly useful to transportation consortiums and local authorities in optimizing urban planning and mobility resource management. Using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals, the system provides data on traffic status, vehicle flow, capacity estimation, pattern identification, congestion and incident detection alarms, historical data records and forecasts; the system also analyzes Origin/Destination matrices and generates reports for traffic operators.

This project will facilitate the tasks of mobility management agents and expand the possibilities for interaction between authorities and citizens, who will in turn benefit from greater mobility and enhanced quality of life as the product of the reduction in environmental and noise pollution.