Voith Turbo

Voith Presents New Vehicle Head Concept Galea at InnoTrans 2012

With Galea, Voith has developed a vehicle head for rail vehicles that meets all demands on fire protection, noise and heat insulation, as well as collision safety. As front ends are subject to extreme loads during accidents, special structural and energy absorption elements are being used. 

The Galea head can be easily adapted to the vehicle geometry and incorporates a high percentage of fiber composite plasitcs (FVK). As a result, it weighs significantly less than comparable front ends. Minimized wheel set loads and lower wear on train and rails make it energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Apart from enabling lightweight construction, fiber compounds allow the creation of complex geometries and freeform surfaces. As a result, aerodynamic exterior contours can be produced more easily and cost-effectively. Private and regional transport operators can thus retain their brand identity and differ distinctly from their competitors. Galea can also be adapted individually to any vehicle frame.

Vehicle heads of the Galea series are suitable for trains with speeds of about maximum 124 miles per hour.