Kolimat Announces Product Addition to DTW 1.0 VEDR for Vehicle Fleets

Kolimat USA announces the availability of its new Microsoft Windows-based DTW WLAN Auto software product. Designed to work in conjunction with the high quality, exception based video event data recorder – the DTW1.0 – the new software now affords fleets fully automated, encryption enabled secure data transfers over an 802.11/b/g/n Wi-Fi connection from the vehicle recorder to a backend server. Once a vehicle moves within range of an access-point hot spot configured with the software, driving video event transfers commence without manual intervention by either the driver or the fleet manager and continue until finished, or, resume later should a vehicle depart before downloading completes. Additionally, VEDR management uploads and vehicle travel history is also managed seamlessly under lower priority through the same connection. For situations when multiple vehicles arrive together in the coverage area the software manages a transfer queue for simultaneous communication with multiple recorders.  

For more about DTW WLAN Auto software and the recently announced KEAS PLUS driving event rating software, please visit with Kolimat USA at Buscon Booth # 1308 September 10-12, 2012 Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois or visit our website at www.kolimat.com