Connect Transit

Connect Transit Moves to Uptown Station Transfer Center

On Monday, August 13th, Connect Transit will cease use of its Uptown Normal transfer point on North Street by Watterson Towers and begin utilizing the brand new Uptown Station Transfer Center. Aside from the change in transfer points, there will be no changes in any of the bus routes serving Uptown Normal. Connect Transit staff will initially be on site at Uptown Station to ensure that customers make a smooth transition from the old transfer point to the new one.

The Uptown Station Transfer Center will have many customer amenities such as an indoor waiting area, restrooms and a restaurant. Customers will also be able to board their buses in a covered bus lane that protects them from the elements. "It is a goal for Connect Transit to eventually have infrastructure at all of its transfer points," said Andrew Johnson, Connect Transit General Manager. "Uptown Station allows us to take the first step in achieving that goal and we are excited to better serve our customers by moving into this first class facility."

Connect Transit, formerly known as the Bloomington-Normal Public Transit System, has provided safe, reliable and affordable public transportation to the Bloomington-Normal community since 1972.