Eno Center for Transportation

Eno Executive Vice President Announces Departure

Dr. Barbara K. Gannon, Executive Vice President and Executive Director of the Eno Center for Transportation Leadership (CTL), notified the President and Eno Board of Directors that she will leave full-time employment with Eno on October 1, 2012, to return to her leadership consultation practice. Dr. Gannon will continue to be involved in the delivery of numerous Eno courses as a teacher, facilitator, and consultant. Other CTL faculty, including Paula Kellogg and Alyce French Johnson, will also continue in their existing roles.

Lindsey Robertson, currently the Director of CTL, will assume many of Dr. Gannon's responsibilities, ensuring the continued effective delivery of Eno's leadership training courses. Ms. Robertson has been developing, coordinating, and delivering Eno courses under Dr. Gannon's guidance for the last five years.

"It is Barbara who created, grew, and effectively marketed the CTL brand for over a decade. The Board of Directors is incredibly grateful for the leadership and guidance Barbara has provided to the transportation industry and Eno, as well as for the vision she brought to the CTL. She will be missed as our Executive Vice President as her dedication, outreach and energy have positioned Eno to be a leader in continuing education for the transportation community for many years to come," Eno Chairman Lillian Borrone said.

Dr. Gannon is well known to the transportation community through her work as Executive Director of the CTL program and through her unparalleled efforts in developing the transportation leaders of the future. This includes her participation on and leadership in a number of workforce development projects sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association, the Federal Transit Administration, the Transportation Research Board as well as other public and private organizations.

Eno will immediately begin searching for a senior level candidate to work with the President and CTL Director to develop and market training courses in transportation across the industry. Candidates should expect to carry out this work on a consulting basis. Information about this opportunity can be found on our website at www.enotrans.org/about-us/employment.