INIT, Innovations In Transportation Inc.

INIT Goes 100 Percent Green with Zero Waste to Landfill Certification

After a year-long initiative to become a 100 percent green company, INIT (Innovations in Transportation Inc.), a provider of Intelligent Transportation Systems for public transit has proudly succeeded. On August 3, INIT CEO, Roland Staib, accepted the Zero Waste to Landfill Certification presented by Deborah Albero-Darata of TFC Recycling. TFC Recycling collects, processes and markets recyclable materials in Virginia and North Carolina and guided INIT during the process. 

"Becoming a Zero Waste to Landfill company is no small feat," commented Albero-Darata. "It means that everything INIT uses has to be reused, recycled, regenerated or composted."

INIT's efforts to attain the green initiative went beyond just recycling and composting. TFC Recycling awarded the certificate to INIT because of their effective use of the "single stream" recycling process, which allows them to throw plastic, paper and glass recyclables in one recycling container. Other initiatives included the installation of light and motion detectors and energy-efficient hand dryers, as well as stationing recycling bins at each work station. Management even purchased two bikes for employees to use for errands around town, a cleaner alternative to driving.

Beyond the benefits to the environment, the green initiative boosted employee morale and provided a larger vision of sustainability.  "We were very pleased to partner with TFC to earn the Zero Waste to Landfill Certification because it lines up with our corporate strategy to make a positive impact on our environment," Staib commented. "In one year, we went from simply recycling to completely reducing our carbon footprint by 100 percent. It is a well-deserved award for our employees who worked so hard to achieve the 100 percent green initiative."