Travora, HopStop Co-Pilot One Stop Shop for Travel Audiences

Brands and their ad agencies keen to reach the coveted travel segment at peak holiday seasons like upcoming summer holidays now have a powerful and efficient new solution for finding qualified audiences at scale.

SoLoMo travel leader, Travora Media, added another valuable route to its service map by exclusively partnering with urban navigation authority HopStop. Travora will manage all of HopStop’s ad sales and ad operations, thus providing advertisers with a turnkey, real-time solution. Travora reaches nearly 26 million global travelers across their audience base with advanced behavioral and geo-targeting capabilities on both web inventory and MANGO, the Travora Mobile ad network.

"Agencies charged with identifying large swaths of travelers for their clients need a time and cost-efficient audience buying method that fits easily into media plans," noted Nan-Kirsten Forte, CEO of Travora Media. "By integrating HopStop's inventory and functionality across our publishers and partners, we can offer media planners and buyers an end-to-end solution for accessing travelers not just where they are, but where they're going to be."

Travora's corporate mantra is to deliver authentic travel content experiences to its audience and sponsors, and to distribute those experiences across multiple digital channels. The company has, under its new leadership, upped its investment and focus, acquiring premiere properties and formalizing MANGO, its mobile network of smartphone and tablet travel offerings. That edict made HopStop, which was recently named a top travel app by CNET, a high-value partner capable of meeting Travora's specific ad targeting directives.

"Pairing HopStop's highly geo-targetable ad inventory with Travora's qualified travel-based audience yields a soup-to-nuts solution for brands and agencies looking to reach travelers at scale," said Joe Meyer, HopStop's CEO. "HopStop's unique ability to target ads and local offers based on a user's current and future location will allow Travora's advertisers to target large location-based audiences, resulting in high relevance and strong conversion rates across both mobile and desktop."