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Bloomington Normal Public Transit Sets Record Ridership in 2012

The Bloomington-Normal Public Transit System (BNPTS) has set a record for annual ridership, carrying more passengers in fiscal year 2012 than in any other year in history.

The transit system provided 2,084,737 rides in 2012 compared to 1,849,234 in 2011, an increase of 12.7 percent.

Transit system leadership attributes the jump to the unpredictable gas prices of the past year and increased community outreach efforts on the part of transit system, noting that many riders continue to use the bus after they try it for the first time.

"It's a matter of making people aware of all their transportation options" said BNPTS General Manager Andrew Johnson. "Once people try riding the bus and see how easy and economical it is, they keep riding.

This marks the second consecutive year that BNPTS has set a ridership record.

For more information on BNPTS service, please contact the Bloomington-Normal Public Transit System at 828-9833 or 828-7511 (TDD).