Via Metropolitan Transit

VIA Receives $4 Million in State of Good Repair Grants

The Federal Transportation Administration has awarded $3.94 million in grants to VIA Metropolitan Transit to pay for replacement paratransit vans and an asset management system.

VIA was awarded $2.52 million under the State of Good Repair Initiative to be used to purchase 35 replacement vans for the VIAtrans paratransit fleet. This effort is the first delivery phase of a three-year contract that will ultimately replace all 104 VIAtrans vans with new, propane-powered vehicles.

Another State of Good Repair grant totaling $1.416 million was secured to purchase and implement a comprehensive asset management system. This system will provide systematic and coordinated procedures through which VIA will optimally manage its current and future assets. As VIA's system grows with new services and new support facilities, the asset management system will allow VIA to better manage those assets along with the associated performances, risks, and costs.

The purpose of the State of Good Repair Program Initiative is to make funds available to public transit agencies to pay for such improvements as the replacement, rehabilitation, and purchase of buses and related equipment.