Culver CityBus takes delivery of first CNG Xcelsior transit buses

Culver CityBus announced it has taken delivery of the first, dedicated Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) public transit buses using the new Xcelsior Platform, built by New Flyer Industries of America Inc. Culver CityBus purchased 20 low-floor Xcelsior buses for approximately $10 million. Several of the new buses were placed in service on May 29, 2012. The remaining buses are expected to be in service by the end of this month. The new buses will replace twenty 1998 CNG New Flyer buses that are at the end of their normal life cycle of 13 years. Culver CityBus became the second public transit system in California, and the first in the south coast area, to become 100 percent alternative fuel-powered in 2004.

The new buses have a more sleek design, bike racks, and many other advanced
technologies, including an eight-camera video recording system. The new buses also
have a new seat style - which contributes to providing passengers with a safer and
more comfortable ride.

The buses were procured utilizing Federal and County funds. In addition, a $300,000
grant was received through Clean Transportation Funding from the Mobile Source Air
Pollution Reduction Review Committee, which has the sole mission to fund projects that
reduce air pollution from motor vehicles within the South Coast Air Quality Management
District (AQMD) in Southern California ( 

Currently, Culver CityBus serves approximately 5.5 million passengers each year
utilizing a fleet that is comprised of all New Flyer buses. Culver CityBus is excited to
introduce these twenty new buses into service. "We recognize the importance of
providing clean, reliable, and efficient public transit to Culver City and the region through
our 100 percent alternative fuel buses as operated by our dedicated bus operators. The new Xcelsior buses are a fantastic addition to our fleet that will complement the variety of
transportation opportunities offered at Culver City’s new Metro Expo station at
Washington and National", said Culver City Mayor Andy Weissman.

If the public would like more information about Culver CityBus schedules, routes or bus
stop locations, please visit the City’s website at or call (310) 253-