Chatham Area Transit Authority Selects Indra USA for ITS Solution

Indra's computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and automatic vehicle location (AVL) solution provides CAT commuters, from residents, to students, to visitors, an enhanced transit experience with efficiency and ridership safety.

For CAT, Indra's solution represents a new level of excellence in its transit management, operationally and financially. 

"Indra's technical solution brings CAT to the forefront of intelligent transit systems, improving our ridership's experience, increasing operational throughput and reducing costs thru the implementation of their back-office and integrated on-board equipment," said Dr. Chadwick Reese, executive director of CAT.

David Fedor, Indra USA's president & CEO explained how this contract with CAT, "represents an important milestone for Indra as we cross over the 100,000 mark of vehicles managed using Indra technology."

Intelligent Technology for Ridership Safety and Satisfaction

Indra's technology will allow CAT to instantly determine a vehicle's location, make real-time decisions and to optimize its fleet. Riders of the CAT will be able to obtain real-time data including: next stops, transfers to other lines, incidents and estimated times.

Transit authority staff will also rely on the system's integrated on-board video surveillance allowing images to be viewed, transmitted and recorded in real time.