AC Transit

San Leandro City Council Approves Bus Rapid Transit

The San Leandro City Council voted unanimously to support the building of AC Transit’s bus rapid transit (BRT) project, a transportation system that is more reliable and environmentally friendly with enhanced streetscapes and quicker commutes.

In April, the AC Transit board of directors approved the $150 million project, which runs from the San Leandro BART through downtown Oakland. The project passed the Oakland Public Works Committee with broad support last week and now awaits endorsement from the Oakland city council which will vote on the matter tomorrow.

"This win is a tremendous victory for the future of public transportation, especially for the commuters who will now have their travel times dramatically reduced," said AC Transit Board President Elsa Ortiz.

The Federal Transit Administration has given AC Transit’s BRT plan the highest overall rating of any of the transit projects under consideration across the United States. Construction is expected to begin in 2014, with the system fully operational in 2016. Additionally, construction of the BRT project will create local construction jobs and contribute to the economy by generating additional jobs that will support construction.

"Nationally, the project is considered to be a top transit priority with regard to funding and its ability to actually redefine urban bus travel," said AC Transit General Manager David Armijo. "We are looking forward to the BRT not only improving transit, but also creating jobs and making this agency and the region much greener in the process." 

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