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USHSR Announces Free Trip For Two To Europe

The US High Speed Rail Association (USHSR) has launched a fund-raising promotion to underwrite the production of an 8-part TV series entitled High Speed Rail Around the World with a focus on California. The promotion includes a prize 6-day trip for 2 to Europe including a ride on the Eurostar high speed train between London and Paris.


  • Two (2) round-trip coach-class airplane tickets (winner and their guest)
  • Three (3) nights hotel accommodations in London
  • A day trip to Oxford, England on Virgin Rail
  • A day tour of London
  • Two (2) Tickets for a West End play
  • Two (2) London Pass cards for free entry to numerous destinations
  • Five Hundred ($500) U.S. Dollars spending money in London
  • Two round trip tickets on Eurostar high speed train from London to Paris
  • Three (3) nights hotel accommodations in Paris, France
  • Two (2) Paris Pass cards for free entry to numerous destinations
  • A day tour of Paris
  • Dinner for two (2) at Jules Vern restaurant on the Eiffel Tower
  • Five Hundred ($500) U.S. Dollars spending money costs in Paris
  • 2 train tickets from London to Heathrow Airport for return flight to the United States

(Approximate retail value of prize $7,200.00)

Donations will underwrite the making of the new TV series on HSR, which will showcase high speed rail around the world with comparisons to America. High Speed Rail Around the World is set to begin filming this summer in Europe and each show will feature a different country - looking at their high speed rail systems and the many benefits delivered to their people every day. The first round of shows will include France, Germany, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium, Brussels, and more. The series will look at how their HSR systems were built and financed, who the visionaries were who fought to get them started, how they operate, and more. You will tour the companies that build and operate the fast trains, and meet the people who use the trains and hear their stories, and how much easier their lives are with high speed rail.

High Speed Rail Around the World will look at global high speed rail systems in relation to similar corridors in America. New rail mobility options will be explored and compared to the deteriorating condition of flying and driving in America. Business travelers will take trips on each mode and compare the time, productivity, convenience, and hassles of each type of transportation. Holiday and leisure travel by HSR will be showcased in comparison to America.

California's high speed rail system will be a major highlight of the TV series as the first step in America's 21st century transportation system high speed rail network. After recently voting to move forward on the visionary project, California legislators made the first critical move forward with America joining all the other industrialized countries that have had high speed rail for decades. The TV series will showcase the widespread support for high speed rail in America. Recent polls show over 88% of Americans support high speed rail. The Los Angeles Times said recently: "If Californians have the patience and the political will to stick with it, they'll have a project with extraordinary environmental, economic and transportation benefits. If they don't, they'll have worsening congestion, rising pollution and soaring transit expenses as gasoline prices continue their inevitable rise. We like the first vision of the future better."

High Speed Rail Around the World will be broadcast on American Public Television and will reach the top 50 television markets in the United States, seen eventually by half of television viewers in America - over 100 million viewers. The shows will be widely promoted and available for video download and streaming, digital distribution, mobile access, and throughout the internet and social media. They will also be distributed on DVD to U.S. lawmakers and decision makers in transportation and high speed rail - including all members of Congress, state Governors and elected officials, agency heads, and other key federal and state employees. At the same time the shows will be viewed by millions more people around the world.

For more information, and to enter to win the Europe trip, visit:

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