CHK America

Valley Metro Awards CHK America System Map Design Project

CHK America President and CEO Rick Wood announced that the company has been awarded the system map design project for Valley Metro in Phoenix, Ariz.

While the project’s objective includes delineating the hierarchy of services offered by the transit agency, CHK America will also enhance the clarity and usefulness of one of Valley Metro’s most important customer information tools.

Once the system map design is complete, CHK America will work with Valley Metro to increase the accuracy and flexibility of the agency’s geographic information system (GIS) database for use in a variety of applications. By working with shape files, aerial photography and municipal planning data, CHK America will build a database that Valley Metro can then use for ongoing planning and analysis.

“With more than 250,000 daily boardings on the Valley Metro transit system in the metropolitan Phoenix area, it’s essential to have a map that can easily be deciphered by regular travelers or first-time riders,” said Mario Diaz, Valley Metro chief marketing officer. “With 80 bus routes and a light rail system it was critical that we find an organization who could interpret our system and enhance our passenger information. CHK provided a design that will help our customers maximize their transit experience.”

“It is a privilege and an honor to have been selected by Valley Metro. We look forward to working with this agency because they maintain a customer focus in all marketing materials,” stated CHK America President and CEO Rick Wood.”