Adamson Industries Corp.

A Portable, Compact GunVault Mini Safe Goes Anywhere

Adamson Industries Corp. is pleased to offer the GunVault Mini Safe. A portable, compact safe that goes anywhere.

The GunVault Mini Safe’s rock-solid construction offers foolproof security. The outside is constructed of 16-gauge steel and soft foam on the inside protects valuables.

A high-strength lock mechanism performs reliably, time after time. Precise fittings are virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools. Built-in computer blocks access after repeated invalid keypad entries. Tamper indicator alerts you to invalid entry attempts. Battery power provides maximum security and easy portability. ‘Learn buttons’ make it easy to program more than 12 million user-selectable access codes. Conveniently located keypad is easy to use. Unique no-eyes keypad allows for quick access. Audio feedback confirms each correct keypad entry. Audio disable option adds the security of operating in silent mode.

The GunVault Mini Safe weighs just 9 pounds, with dimensions of 8.1”W x 4.9”H x 12”D.