Atlas Ergonomics LLC

Atlas Ergonomics Awarded its Second System Patent

Atlas Ergonomics has been awarded its second U.S. patent in 18 months for a system that determines which workplace adjustments are most likely to reduce on-the-job discomfort and injuries.

US Patent #8.195.475 was granted to Atlas for its “Method for Optimally Determining Appropriate Ergonomics for Occupants of a Workspace.” The system addresses Atlas’ approach toward effectively fitting a variety of work spaces — including offices, vehicles and classrooms — to individual workers.

“This patented system can help employers reduce injuries through targeted, and often simple and low-cost adjustments to individuals' equipment, furniture and spaces,” says Atlas President Jim Landsman. "Through software and systems development, network expansion and strategic partnerships, Atlas continues to strive for simple and effective methods to reduce injuries.”

Atlas’ patented system and other injury prevention services are available to employers in more than 10,000 U.S. communities via the company’s nationwide network of service providers.