Maxton Manufacturing

Maxton Manufacturing Co. Holds Elevator Mechanics Training

On June 13 and 14, 2012, Maxton Manufacturing Co. held elevator mechanics training in Sacramento, Calif., at Capitol Elevator’s new location. The event had attendees from three companies, including Capitol Elevator Inc., Empire Elevator Co. Inc. and Servset Elevator Inc., over the two days. Each elevator mechanic learned proper Maxton elevator control valve maintenance; technical and hands-on troubleshooting; elevator performance measuring and adjustment procedures.

This NAEC-approved 4.0-hour CET training class provided by Billy Shrum, Maxton’s technical manager, was expanded upon including more detailed product knowledge and in-the-field applications that provided different unknown issues that were resolved using the training. Tim and Annabell Conkling agreed by saying, “We should have done a Maxton training sooner and will do it again in the future.”

“These companies share a common emphasis on training and work together as a group to become better elevator professionals. Billy and I really appreciated the participation and interactions with everyone,” said Karl Keller marketing director.