Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

BART Police Enhance Crisis Intervention Outreach Program

The BART Police Department has enhanced its Crisis Intervention Outreach Program by adding a liaison between the Police Department and mental health stakeholders in the Bay Area. The Police Department took this step to make sure those on the BART system who suffer from mental illness or disabilities are given the attention they need. A licensed mental health professional was recently added to BART's Crisis Intervention Outreach Program and will report directly to BART Police Chief Kenton Rainey.

BART took this action to focus on solidifying BART Police Department's mental health community outreach efforts, ensure BART Police personnel are properly trained to assist individuals with mental health challenges and work in partnership with others in the mental health community to make sure those who have mental illness get the help they need.

"I am pleased that a Crisis Intervention Trained professional has been added to the BART Police Department staff," Lynette Sweet, BART board member and chair of the BART Police Department Police Review Committee said. "Adding this service and expertise is yet another successful step for the BART Police Department in completing the NOBLE Report recommendation which states, 'Expanding the list of courses in the Training Plan to include more courses in the communication, verbal judo, human diversity, handling emotionally disturbed persons, community policing, etc.'

This new liaison and training will help BART in our efforts to help those who are homeless, who don't have resources or may be suffering from mental illness or disabilities."