Seon Design Inc.

Seon Introduces New Uutdoor High-Definition Bus Camera Combined with 5-Channel DVR

Seon Design announces the first cost-effective, outdoor IP67-rated, high-definition bus camera in the industry. Seon’s one-of-a kind CHW HD camera, combined with new MX-HD 5-channel DVR, is the essential solution for applications where picture perfect image quality is imperative. The combination of the MX-HD and the CHW HD camera gives bus operators the value they deserve, and the reliability of clear, crisp resolution to keep passengers and drivers safe.

“The CHW high-definition camera is one of a kind in the industry. Three times the resolution allows you to see license plates more clearly across a wider field-of-view. The camera is a perfect solution for catching stop-arm violators,” says Peter Simmons, director of marketing. “The CHW used as a front-facing camera allows for a more detailed image to assist in accident reconstruction so that you know exactly what happened.”

The CHW and the MX-HD is highly innovative, and the high-definition allows for utmost clarity and precision that no bus camera has delivered thus far. “The new Seon HD camera is a great tool for a fleet supervisor to have…it’s just like looking out the window,” says Cliff Berchtold, transportation director of Monroe-Woodbury CSD. Stellar reviews on the CHW and MX-HD combination make it clear that Seon’s high-definition solution is a success: “I can honestly say the picture is really phenomenal.” raves Marco DiCicco, Transportation and Safety Supervisor of Bremerton SD.

CHW High-definition Bus Camera Features:
• 1280 x 720 pixel resolution/30 FPS (720p) using progressive scan technology
• 2.5 or 16 mm lens for wide-angle or telephoto applications
• Rugged, weatherproof metal housing to withstand harsh conditions, including bus wash
• 350° rotating gimbal to support vertical and angular mounting

MX-HD DVR Features:
• 720p HD video channel and four analog DI video channels with audio (each channel records up to 30 FPS)
• Stores up to 750 GB for plenty of recording space
• GPS-ready with features like geo-fencing