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Faigle Hanging Straps Offer Safety and Design Diversity

Holding on to a hanging strap gives standing passengers on public transport a great feeling of comfort and safety during braking and acceleration, on bends and when vehicles are negotiating switch points or stopping in an emergency.

Hanging strap systems such as "IGOSTRAP" and "gripAd" from Faigle are also an attractive formal element in interior design, to which they bring increased safety through attention to color and fresh scope to exercise design freedom.

Now with its latest model, the "topAdstrap," plastics specialist faigle introduces a hanging strap to the market that goes beyond providing safety and design opportunities to offer an eye-catching advertising panel. The optimised size of the A6 format advertising panel has plenty of room for creative design. Furthermore, the modular system allows for hanging straps with or without an advertising window. For flexibility of visibility, the advertising window can be turned through 45 or 90 degrees.

All system components are fire-proofed and comply with current rail transport standards. The strap consists of the advanced faigle plastic PAS-PU 98 A H FR with antimicrobial properties. This special material protects against a wide range of bacteria, fungi and viruses, and prevents microbes almost entirely from being able to attach themselves to the hanging straps.

Hanging straps from faigle have a proven record of success from over more than 30 years use in metro systems, trams, city and airport buses, commuter trains and mountain railways.