McDonald Transit Associates Inc.

McDonald Transit Awarded One of the Largest U.S. Bus Operating Contracts in Austin

McDonald Transit Associates (McDonald Transit), headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, has been retained by the Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (“Capital Metro”) to operate the major part of the fixed route bus network of Austin, Texas, for a three-year term with four optional years.

With its 79 lines, the bus network provides transportation services to the Austin metropolitan area, the capital of Texas, delivering 1.3 million residents with a modern urban bus system. Over 250 buses are operated and more than 21 million passengers carried each year.

McDonald Transit already manages extensive urban transportation networks in the United States including Charlotte, N.C., Colorado Springs, Colo., and Fort Worth, Texas. The company was chosen for its recognized expertise and its ability to operate complex networks. The contract is worth $400 million over the potential seven-year period, making it one of the most important urban bus transportation contracts in the United States.

“We are delighted to have been selected.” announced Steve Keiper, appointed chief executive of the subsidiary set up by Mc Donald Transit Associates to operate the network. “This is a fantastic opportunity to work with Capital Metro and its employees to provide a high quality level of service to the community.”

Mathieu Dunant, CEO of Ratp Dev America, also emphasised that “the aim is to provide a smooth transition with the combination of the local knowledge and the expertise of McDonald Transit and RATP Group. We look forward to working with the operational team in Austin.”

The contract award bolsters Ratp Dev America’s strategy to continue to expand operations especially in urban and intercity bus transportation as well as in streetcar and light-rail operations.