CHK America

CHK America to Design 125 Stop-Specific Wayfinding Displays for Spokane Transit Authority

CHK America President and CEO, Rick Wood announced that the company will design stop-specific wayfinding display panels for 125 of Spokane Transit Authority’s (STA) busiest sheltered bus stops, including their lively Plaza Transportation Center. This is the third time CHK America has been selected by Washington-based, Spokane Transit Authority, to create customer information solutions for the agency.

The new at-stop displays will provide customer-friendly wayfinding elements including diagrammatic routes that show “you are here” markers, onward time points, transfer opportunities, and estimated travel times to destinations. Each display panel will also feature complete timetable information from the stop, a system map and detailed downtown map.

CHK America is pleased to be working with Spokane Transit Authority once again as they continue their focus on improving customer information products. “Last year we designed a new system map focusing on combined line frequency for STA. It was very well received not only by the community of Spokane but also by members of the transit industry throughout the country,” CHK America President and CEO, Rick Wood said. “This project is a continuation of that effort and will allow customers to clearly understand their travel options from the point of departure.”

“In collaboration with our team, CHK created a system map design that dramatically improves the readability and understanding of the system for customers," said E. Susan Meyer, STA chief executive officer. “We are thrilled to work with them again on this project which extends those principles to our busiest bus stops.”

The design-phase of the project is planned to begin in May with the first displays scheduled to hit the streets in June 2012.