Strengthening Transportation Choices So We Can Serve Those Who Have Served Their Country

Now more than ever, we must address the family, home, and community challenges facing our all-volunteer force as thousands return home, and as thousands more seek jobs, education, and medical care for themselves and their loved ones. Many of them have indicated they lack access to transportation for work, school, medical care, other health services and recreation or leisure activities.

That’s why President Obama has directed that the U.S. should deliver the best possible transition services for personnel returning to civilian life — and offer new avenues of support for other veterans here at home, including access to reliable, affordable, accessible transportation.

Over the past six months, the Administration has committed over $60 million for innovative projects and partnershipsaround the U.S. that will enhance access to local transportation services that meet the needs of returning service members, including wounded warriors, veterans and their families.

In order to help these veterans and their families Easter Seals is holding a national online conversation about the best ways to address the transportation challenges.

You may register online and participate as an individual or a provider any time between May 7 and June 8. Once registered, you may add your recommendations, observations, vote on others’ comments and add your comments to other posts.

Once the online dialogue has closed, you will be able to receive a report highlighting the full range of comments and suggestions, and to see which ideas were most popular

Visit to Register Beginning May 7.