Maxton Manufacturing

Maxton Manufacturing Company Holds Certified Elevator Training at Bleyle Elevator

On April 21, Maxton Manufacturing Co. held a Certified Elevator Training at Bleyle Elevator in Pacifica, Calif. Eleven elevator mechanics with experience ranging from apprentice to 50-year veteran participated in learning proper Maxton elevator control valve maintenance, technical and hands on trouble shooting, elevator performance measuring and adjustment procedures. Bleyle’s group maintains and repairs all types of elevators around the Bay Area. This NAEC approved 4.0 hour CET training class provided by Billy Shrum, Maxton’s technical manager, keeps elevator professionals current and proficient with Maxton valves and maximizing hydraulic elevator performance.

“I’ve been in the elevator industry for 27 years, and I learned a lot today. The hands on TA4M elevator simulator really helped us see how the adjustments operate the elevator. I highly recommend this training,” said Erik Bleyle.

Maintaining proper elevator performance increases the longevity of the elevator while reducing costs, energy usage, and keeping customers happy.

“This group was our youngest so far, and they showed a real thirst and excitement for learning the valve. Erik has developed a great home grown team in Pacifica, Calif.,” said Karl Keller, marketing director.