Alberta Transportation Chooses Telvent to Expand Road Weather and Traffic Information Systems

Telvent GIT, S.A., a leading real-time IT solutions and information provider for a sustainable world, announced today that it has been selected to expand Alberta Transportation’s current road weather information and traffic monitoring systems. The project will build upon the success of Telvent’s original development and deployment of a comprehensive road weather information system that has contributed to improved road safety throughout the Province for the last six years.

Telvent’s current installation delivers an extremely high level of road weather forecast accuracy, reaching 94.4 percent in the last two years of service. Over the next four-year period, Telvent will design and install 38 new road weather information system (RWIS) stations and 15 new video traffic monitoring system (VTMS) towers, which will provide even more location-specific road weather and traffic data to increase the effectiveness of the existing systems in operation throughout Alberta.

The data from the road weather and traffic monitoring systems is used to generate accurate weather and pavement forecasts on an hourly basis for the next 36 hours, backed by Telvent’s live meteorologists who are available around the clock for consultation. The addition of the new RWIS will provide even more precise precipitation data, road temperature reporting and pavement forecast information, allowing Alberta Transportation’s highway maintenance contractors to make more efficient decisions about deploying maintenance crews or treating roads. The new VTMS will provide Alberta Transportation with direct views of the roadway for traffic operations and incident management. Ultimately, the potential exists for an overall reduced cost of road maintenance operations and a safer, more efficient transportation system for all drivers in Alberta.

The installation will also build upon Telvent’s Smart City initiatives in the city of Calgary, Alberta. Currently, Telvent provides solutions to monitor and control Calgary’s water supply, traffic signals and energy distribution. The Province’s new RWIS/VTMS contract will complement Telvent’s existing Smart City solutions by adding road weather decision support capabilities for the Province’s growing ring road transportation network in Calgary.

According to Telvent's Chairman and CEO, Ignacio Gonzalez, “Telvent is very pleased to be able to continue our strong working relationship with the Province of Alberta. From the Smart Grid to the Smart City, Telvent is working with governments and organizations around the world to build a more intelligent, more sustainable infrastructure. We look forward to providing the Province of Alberta with a solution that will improve road transportation safety while allowing the Province and its contractors to use road maintenance resources more efficiently.”

By using the Telvent solution, Alberta Transportation will be able to maintain a single, integrated platform, combining the data from their existing RWIS network of stations with data from the 38 new sites. With this expansion, Alberta’s RWIS network will be one of the largest in North America.