National Product Innovations on Show: The Number of Combined Displays is Set to Increase at InnoTrans 2012

The number of combined national and regional displays is set to increase at InnoTrans 2012. For the first time since the launch of the leading international trade fair for transport technology a total of 37 combined displays from 22 countries will present their products and services on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds. This year's newcomers are Hungary and the United States. Thus InnoTrans 2012 (Sept. 18-21) will provide exhibitors and trade visitors with a comprehensive and concentrated overview of the market for rail technology product innovations from countries around the world.

The international dimension of InnoTrans is also reflected by its combined national displays. Thus, in addition to industrialised nations from Europe, countries such as Brazil, Australia, Taiwan and Korea are also hosting national displays at the fair. InnoTrans 2012 has maintained the high standards of the last event: 22 percent of all the exhibitors presented their innovations at combined displays at InnoTrans 2010, occupying 13 percent of the total net display area.

The combined displays are organised by industry associations, ministries of economic affairs and business development organizations. The work of these institutions makes it possible for innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in particular to take part in the fair. The creative products of often recently founded companies and start-ups round off the international range of market products at the fair.

Organisers' comments on their participation in InnoTrans 2012

Representing the UK, the Railway Industry Association (RIA) is organising two combined displays at InnoTrans.

Tim Gray, international business development director, RIA: "The InnoTrans is the key global exhibition for railway technology, a place to showcase British innovation and experience to the widest international audience. We expect InnoTrans 2012 to reach an even greater spread of transport stakeholders from around the world. The British companies exhibiting in Berlin will demonstrate great products and unrivalled expertise and we look forward to welcoming our international colleagues to the national pavilions in Halls 2.2 and 26."

Representing the French Export agency in Germany, Ubifrance is organising four combined displays at InnoTrans.

Marie-Gabrielle Vaillandet, rail industry project manager, Ubifrance: "French rail industry know-how extends far beyond the well-known technology of high-speed rail. Our expertise is reflected in the development of ticketing systems, in underground train lines and tram networks, in regional trains and the supply industry. At InnoTrans 2012 close to 90 companies, a representative selection of the French rail industry, among them Socofer and Fonderies de Brousseval, will be participating in three halls (21b, 3.2, 11.2) in the combined displays of Ubifrance."

Toscana Promozione is the Italian business development organisation in Tuscany and is hosting one pavilion at the fair.

Marta Javarone, international affairs manager, Toscana Promozione: "Tuscany is the only Italian region that is home to every branch of the rail sector, including steel profile production, railway coaches, on-board technology, infrastructure innovation and interior design with top quality materials. Toscana Promozione decided to participate in a combined display at InnoTrans 2012 in order to present all the players at regional level, from companies to professional associations and the chamber of commerce, all of whom contribute to the excellence of Tuscan rail technology."