Metropolitan Transportation Authority (NY MTA)

Metro-North Has Best First Quarter Ever

A continual focus on providing the best service possible, a mild winter, and an increasing number of new M-8 rail cars in service on the New Haven Line were among the many factors contributing to a first quarter system-wide On-time Performance (OTP) of 98.8 percent — the best quarter in Metro-North’s history.

The railroad also has had four 100 percent days so far this year on its East of Hudson service.

“I want to extend my congratulations and thanks to all the employees who have worked so hard to provide our customers with such excellent service. It’s no wonder why our ridership continues to surge,” President Howard Permut said.

During the first quarter, Metro-North had only one day (January 19th) when OTP dipped below 95 percent, and 59 days out of 91 when it was at 99 percent or above.

By month, system-wide on-time performance was: January — 98.9 percent; February — 98.8 percent; and March — 98.8 percent.

Speaking of March, the Hudson Line OTP performed at 98.8 percent, the Harlem at 99.2 percent and the New Haven at 98.6 percent. And weekday (all time periods) OTP was 98.86 percent, while on the weekends it was 98.78 percent.

Consist compliance (reflecting the percent of trains that have the right number of seats to accommodate our customers every day) remained excellent on all three lines at 99.8 percent, reflecting the hard work of the many employees in the Operations Division.

“We will continue to strive to meet the same standard for the remaining nine months of the year,” Permut noted.