Nova Bus

New Partnership Between Sault Ste. Marie and Nova Bus

Gilles Dion, president and CEO of Nova Bus, expressed his pride that Sault Ste. Marie opted to partner with Nova Bus, stating "We are privileged to be able to provide solutions to help them grow and best serve their community for years to come."

Sault Ste. Marie has chosen the LFS Smart Bus, which includes the Nova eCooling system, a solution that can improve fuel economy by up to 18 percent. These vehicles also come with a wealth of standard features designed to provide high performance at a competitive life cycle cost.

"Nova Bus has provided us with four very dependable vehicles that are popular with our passengers, operators and mechanics," said Don Scott, manager of Transit and Parking for the city of Sault Ste. Marie. The overall quality of the buses, with their stainless steel construction and low maintenance structure, was also a key element in choosing to partner with Nova Bus.

In addition, all Nova Bus vehicles are based on a common platform which translates into effective maintenance, streamlined training and simplified parts management, providing quality performance and productivity.